About & How to

Hi, please drop a line if you have any questions, thoughts, or queries –

Hey, I’m Katharine

I live in downtown Toronto, close to the lake, but also close to a highway and a sea of condo buildings – all of that urbanity doesn’t seem to change my dreams at night, of tigers and whales and all manner of wild animals… I love making art about wild things – lions, foxes, oak trees, the skies of Georgian Bay, and the waters of Lake Ontario.

If you wanted to purchase some photo prints, my best suggestion for quality and surface options is Fine Art America –


My Canadian friends might prefer the Canadian dollar option and excellent quality at the Montreal-based Pictorem –


For inquiries about paintings / drawings / collages, please drop me a line at kataasals@gmail.com

And please don’t hesitate to be in touch if there are images you are interested in that are not uploaded. The truth is, I’m a bit slow at all the documentation, uploading and Instagram processes, so there’s always more – lots and lots more – in the back room…